Meet the Bendigo Toyota Team

Senior Management

Dealer Principal

Adam Ski - Dealer Principal

Adam Ski is the new Dealer Principal at Bendigo Toyota. 

Whilst he might be new to town, he is a country kid at heart with a wealth of knowledge and experience after 24 years in the car industry, starting his career in 1996 selling Toyota’s.

He was born and raised in Ballarat (don’t hold that against him) before moving to Geelong for 18 years, and then eventually moving onto Melbourne.

He has a supportive, hands on approach that ensures day to day operations directly lead to our guests having an exceptional experience in the dealership.

Community engagement and involvement are high on the agenda for Adam, with plans to not only continue many of our previous sponsorships but to connect and network with a number of various groups and organisations in the region. 

He and his family are excited to call themselves “Bendigonians” and look forward to exploring all that city and surrounding regions have to offer.

New Car Sales Team

New Car Sales Manager

Bruce Amor - New Vehicle Sales Manager


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New Car Sales Consultant

Allyson Moore - New Vehicle Sales Consultant

Allyson is part of the furniture around here. She’s clocked up more than 15 years with Bendigo Toyota and says there’s way too many memorable moments over that time to mention.

Her favourite aspect of her job is meeting people. The ever cheeky Al lists her interests outside of work as avoiding baby sitting her grandchildren….but says she does enjoy strolling up and down the picturesque View Street on her days off.

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Sales Consultant - Jayrrd

Jarryd Appleby - New Car Sales Consultant

Jayrrd is one of our friendly Sales Team staff and lists the vibe around Bendigo Toyota as what he enjoys most about working here. He’s a fan of super hero movies, both good and bad…and lists Avengers – Infinity War as his favourite. He prefers to do dishes over laundry, eating slice over cake, dogs over cats and is a fan of the new Toyota Supra.

Finance & Insurance

Finance and Insurance Manager

Samuel Goddard - Finance & Insurance Manager

Andrew Holland - Finance & Insurance

Andrew's knowledge of the car industry is vast and varied, having kicked off his journey back in 1988. He has a science degree but loves a whacky math problem, making him our go to guy for anything involving graphs, angles, charts and/or spreadsheets.

With an obsecure sense of humour and his dance moves are always on point.

He loves to travel, with Hong Kong among his favourite destinations, as he describes it to be like an adult Disneyland.

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Guest Experience Manager

Guest Experience - Adam Tarr

Adam Tarr - Guest Experience

Adam heads the Guest Experience team at Bendigo Toyota. Our Guest's experience is our number one priority,  whether that's when enquiring about a product or service, making an all-important purchase or maintaining your vehicles servicing requirements. 

In his spare time Adam can be found driving to basketball, watching basketball or coaching basketball or lending a hand at the Harley Street Cafe - which his wonderful wife Bec operates. 


Stock Controller/ Government Fleet Sales Consultant

Phil Curtain - Stock Controller

Phil loves the smell of a Sunday roast cooking but wouldn't walk past a BBQ either. Secretly a teenager in an adults body, Phil enjoys X-Box, Star Wars, comic books and fast cars.

His favourite Toyota is the 86 GTS MT with Aero Kit, naturally. He loves spending time with his kids and if given the chance, he'd love to meet Mark Webber.

He thinks Ben Affleck is the perfect person to play him in a movie.

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Lisa Norris  - Car Care Consultant

Lisa is a familiar smiling face in our dealership but is new to the Car Care role.  She’s been part of our Bendigo Toyota team for the past 7 years. She says celebrating her 21st with the Bendigo Toyota team is her most memorable moment working at Bendigo Toyota…as everyone went out of their way to make it special for her. Lisa claims the best meal she can cook is rosemary roast lamb, and when driving to work will listen to Triple J. The WOW Factor means a lot to many different people, but to Lisa it’s seeing our guests leave the dealership every day feeling happy and satisfied with their new purchases.

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Receptionist - Georgia

Georgia Ingram - Receptionist

Georgia is the first friendly face you’ll see when you walk through the front doors at our dealership.  She’s a fan of puppies, baby snuggles and watching TV. A favourite way to spend a weekend would be hanging out with mates a music festival or exploring hidden gems around Melbourne. If given the opportunity to max out a credit card at any given shop, it would be Flight Centre...on a ripper holiday overseas.  

Fleet Department

Fleet Department Fleet Manager

Steve MacCallum - Business Fleet Sales Manager

Steve is the Bendigo Toyota Fleet manager and can often be seen out and about at many businesses around town. He half learnt to play the bagpipes and hopes to be proficient one day…but in the meantime enjoys getting outdoors in his spare time when he can, be that fishing, cycling or riding his motorbike. A keen cook, he lists his signature dish as a camp oven roast or a delicious curry. His favourite Toyota model is the Camry, that is until certain people in the dealership borrow it  and stuff up his excellent fuel economy rating.

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Fleet sales - ben

Ben Duncan - Fleet Sales Consultant

Ben is one of the new faces in our Fleet Department. He loves to listen to SEN on the radio and enjoys playing sport when he’s not at work; be that footy, cricket, netball, golf or squash. The best meal Ben can cook is hard shell chicken tacos and if given the task of teaching someone a new skill in 5 minutes…he lists compassion, peace and tranquillity, keyboard shortcuts, chicken tacos, and how to shoot tequilia among the options.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Department

Used Car Sales Consultant

Clinton Hay - Pre-Owned Vehicle Manager

Clinton is another to return to the Bendigo Toyota family. He enjoyed a few years retreat in Warrnambool before rejoining the team in Pre-Owned Vehicles. .

A country boy at heart, Clinton enjoys anything outdoors and is fan of mountain biking and a Friday meat tray raffle…he also does an excellent (self proclaimed) Frank Sinatra impersonation and loves to travel…with Italy his favourite destination. .

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Used Car Sales Consultant

Jay Hynes - Pre-Owned Vehicle Consultant

Jay is one of the Pre-Owned Vehicle Departments big personalities. He loves doing his timesheet each week almost as much as he loves doing deals.

He has a passion for old cars and has recently purchased a rare ke70 panel van Corolla. If you ever wanted to get in Jay's good books, you just need to bring him a block of chocolate.

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Used Car Sales Consultant

Geoff Baldwin - Pre-Owned Vehicle Consultant

From Army Leopard tanks and B-Double trucks, to Harley Davidsons and high-performance Kawasaki and Honda road bikes and everything in between. You name it, Geoff Baldwin has probably driven it or ridden it. He even had a stint racing ski boats in his youth. 

After a short hiatus, Geoff is back doing what he knows and loves best…selling cars, and he couldn’t be happier to be part of the Bendigo Toyota team. 

Originally from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, Geoff has called Central Victoria home for the past 30 years. So he’s practically a local. 

Pre-Owned Vehicle Department - Braiden Connor Used Car Sales Consultant

Braiden Connor - Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales Consultant

Braiden is another of the friendly faces on our Pre-Owned Vehicle team. His first ever job was as a Pizza Maker at Dominos Pizza...which helps his claim of homemade pizza being the best thing he can cook. 

Ever the doting dad, he lists Daddy Daycare as his favourite movie, as it reminds him of himself.

He says the best thing about working at Bendigo Toyota is the happy and friendly, positive environment...with its nearby proximity to McDonald's a close second. 

Service Department

Service Advisor - Keegan

Keegan Butler - Service Advisor

Keegan’s favourite part of his job is interacting with guests, which makes him the perfect fit as one of our helpful service advisors. Outside of work he can be found hanging out with family or running around the soccer field with Epsom FC. He once met John Farnham, is a fan of all Marvel movies, and is adamant that pineapple doesn’t have a place on pizza….ever!!


Harrison Clark – Service Advisor

Harry has worked here for around three years now and could be mistaken for being quiet and unassuming….but don’t let that fool you, stories of his weekend capers suggest otherwise. His first car was a Ford Falcon, his favourite movie is The Last Samurai and favourite chip flavour is chicken. He dislikes staff questionnaires and personal profiles.


Accounts Receivable

Vina Chandler - Administration Officer

What a work horse Vina is. They say no rest for the (not so) wicked. When she is not working her magic in the Admin dept, she can be found cutting wood or carting it off somewhere.

When asked what she likes to do in her downtime, she appropriately exclaimed "SLEEP!"  She loves the smell of freshly baked scones while her favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry.

Vina says the great finance is the best Toyota feature while If allowed to pick one superpower she would go with teleportation.

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Kylie-Jane McFarlane – Accounts

You’ll find KJ in the Accounts Department/Admin area of Bendigo Toyota. She’s been part of the team for around a year now and says the family feel of the place is the best thing about working here. Rom-Coms are her go to movie genre with plain chips her favourite flavour. KJ lists bike riding along the Great Ocean Road as one of the most adventurous things she’s done but also admits to trawling Pinterest for recipes as one of the nerdiest things she does in her spare time.


Marketing Manager

Gabrielle Richards - Marketing Manager

Gabe leads a double life and has for many years….by day she is a Marketing Manager and by night a professional basketballer, having played more than 250 games in the Women's Basketball National League and has even represented the Australian Opals. She also enjoys organising and hosting events for the Bendigo Toyota Team.

A fantastic cook but don't dare present her with a dirty BBQ or you will suffer the wrath. Her talents are vast and varied...from throwing impromptu 90's themed music dance parties, restocking an impressive lollie jar, cake baking/decorating, video editing and hair braiding. She also possesses napping skills so impressive she once fell asleep in an MRI machine.

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