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To provide complete customer satisfaction and first class corporate fleet service throughout the purchasing, delivery, and after delivery of every vehicle sold.  To provide ongoing customer communication and follow-up, making our customer’s requirement’s our number one priority.

Does your company plan to purchase two or more vehicles within the next twelve months?

If yes, you are entitled to Toyota Fleet Discounts.

At Bendigo Toyota our dedicated Fleet Team understand the needs of small to large businesses and organisations. We provide on site vehicle evaluations, test drives and deliveries to help ease your busy schedule. Deliveries throughout Victoria and interstate Australia using our dealer network affiliations direct to your site.

We are a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist

Bendigo Toyota is proud to be a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist.

"Only Toyota offers Certified Toyota Fleet Specialists. A Toyota Dealership must prove exceptional dedication before being certified a Fleet Specialist. A series of Fleet-focused criteria must be met and confirmed annually. Fleet Specialist personnel must continually prove they have the knowledge and training to provide excellent customer service.

A Fleet Specialist Dealership has dedicated Toyota experts with advanced knowledge of vehicles and efficient fleet planning.A Toyota Fleet Specialist makes better business sense for your fleet."

- Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

For more information, please get in touch with our Fleet team.

Which Fleet plan and benefits are right for you?

Which Fleet plan and benefits are right for you?

Whether you manage five or five hundred vehicles, we offer comprehensive Fleet plans and benefits to add value to your organisation. Your current fleet size indicates the plan your business falls under.

Fleet Selection

Silver Fleet

5-49 vehicles

Our Silver Fleet plan is designed for organisations with a medium-sized fleet. Special pricing, along with our dedicated Fleet Dealers, will ensure your next vehicle purchase adds value to your business.
Purchase commitment: At least two vehicles per year.

Fleet Selection

Gold Fleet

50+ vehicles

Made for larger organisations, the Gold Fleet plan provides competitive pricing to help maximise returns for your business. It also offers your own Fleet Representative to help you in the overall management and efficiency of your fleet.
Purchase commitment: At least 15 vehicles per year.

Fleet Selection

Platinum Fleet

200+ vehicles

The Platinum Fleet plan offers a premium pricing package to recognise organisations that have a commitment to purchasing over 200 Toyota vehicles per year. It includes a dedicated Large Fleet Representative for your company to help with the overall management of your fleet.
Purchase commitment: At least 200 vehicles per year.

Drive Your Business Further with Bendigo Toyota

No matter what size your business, Bendigo Toyota has the vehicles to drive your business further. And when you team with Bendigo Toyota as your strategic partner, you'll maximise driver productivity and minimise operating costs.

Take a closer look at what our Fleet Department has to offer your business by speaking with our team.